The Artist Collective

The Artist Collective at Sager Fine Art launched in Spring 2023. The Artist Collective invites fellow artists, particularly those local to the South Shore, a chance to showcase their work and build their brand in the South Shore community.

The Artist Collective launched with its inaugural artist-in-residence, Nikki Storer!

Stay tuned for news on our 2024 artist-in-residence!

Nikki Storer is a self-taught coastal oil painter based in Cohasset. Her paintings of land, sky and sea are artistically inspired by nature's coastal beauty. She is best known for her intricate waves and abstract seascapes and describes her work as abstract realism.  Most of her paintings are created from photographs that she has taken. She uses these to study the way light hits the water, the shapes that create a wave, and the many different colors in any given cloud.What she loves most about painting with oils, is the long dry time and unparalleled bendability, especially with respect to the movement of water and sky. Nikki has painted many commissioned works and her art is available online and in stores at Serena & Lily, Cailini Coastal and locally at other fine retailers.In addition to her original paintings, Nikki sells giclee prints and paints many commissions for clients.

2024 Update: To learn more about her work, or where you can find it, visit her website or stop into Sager Fine Art at 26 S. Main, Cohasset.