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Clara Clough Fine Art

BSFA x CC Custom Painted 12.5" Nutcracker: Minots Love

BSFA x CC Custom Painted 12.5" Nutcracker: Minots Love

Collect a one of its kind, hand painted nutcracker by the talented Clara Clough. Extremely limited quantities available!  Brian Sager Fine Art Photography collaborated with Clara Clough for Holiday 2023 to create unique Nutcracker designs using two of Brian's fine art photographs as inspiration.

Design 1: "Minots Love"

Design inspiration: Brian Sager's Minots Sunrise, No. 4750, paired with the lighthouse's flashing sequence 1*4*3. This flashing sequence is the same numerical count as the words “I love you," so Minot's Ledge Lighthouse is also affectionately referred to as "Lover's Light."

Nutcracker Specs: 12.5" H

About Clara: 

For Boston based artist and designer, Clara Clough, art was an influential presence in her life from a very young age. Pursuing a career in the arts was the natural path for her. Clara’s parents recognized and supported her passion by engaging her in art programs throughout her childhood. Clara’s grandparents exposed her to the worlds of both visual and performing arts, fueling her curiosity for the value of cultural experiences. Clara's mother is a classically trained painter and child educator, whose qualities and abundant support were preeminent to Clara's creative thinking.

Clara began sharing her art on Instagram in 2017 to develop and sharpen her awareness of what other artists were creating in real time. Through Instagram, Clara discovered the possibilities that exist creatively and in business. Drawing upon those experiences, Clara has launched her career selling artwork nationwide. 
Clara is a fine artist and launched her custom nutcrackers for Holiday 2019. 


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